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Connor Banayad

Connor (they/them/their) is a queer, nonbinary transgender caregiver who has a decade of experience working with a diverse range of families and children. They hold a BA in Women's Studies and an MA in Gender Studies and Feminist Research.

Their Kids was born out of their experiences, subsequent discomforts, and ever-present anxieties interviewing with and working alongside many cisgender, heterosexual families as someone with a nonconforming gender presentation. Connor's vision for Their Kids is to build community, create visibility, and affirm marginalized identities. In doing so, they hope to incite space for children to be dynamic in the ways in which they come to understand their own identities and expressions.

Connor feels passionate about empathy based care that is constituted in ensuring children feel understood, validated, empowered, advocated for, and, above all, valued. Caregiving has taught Connor about the reciprocal nature of care, how to listen to children, the importance of emotional validation, how to create and uphold boundaries, how to be vulnerable and playful, and endless teachings on patience, love, empathy, consistency, and consideration. Working with children has undoubtedly shaped the person Connor is today and the person they will continue to become. They, themself, have grown insurmountably in helping to foster the growth of every little life of which they've been so lucky to be a part.

When Connor isn't hanging with their rad kid friends, they enjoy escaping to the beach, bicycling around town, growing vegetables, persuading their friends into karaoke, memorizing every episode of The Office, and spooning their pup.

e: con@theirkids.com


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Courtney Banayad

Courtney (she/her) is the proud sibling of Connor. At Their Kids, Courtney helps build our capacity and strengthen our services by providing guidance on our development, fundraising, and marketing strategies. She brings critical thinking, problem solving skills, and, best of all, positivity to our team.

In addition to being Connor’s gentle (and sometimes more blunt) cheerleader, Courtney is the CoFounder of Moxy Group, an agency that collaborates with social justice organizations to tell stories, raise resources, and incorporate stunning technology. She is an accomplished fundraiser who believes philanthropy is a tool for social change -- and has raised more than $10 million to propel grassroots community-led action.

Courtney holds an MA in International and Intercultural Communications and bachelor’s degrees in Ethnic Studies and American Studies.

Courtney lives in Colorado at the base of the Rocky Mountain foothills, where she gets up early for sunrise hikes and always has a pint of coconut milk ice cream in her freezer.

e: courtney@moxygroup.org