Our Values


We are passionate about including families in the collective who:

  • Are inclusive to all gender identities & expressions

  • Understand the importance of queer, trans, and gender nonconforming visibility and empowerment

  • Respect domestic work as a profession

  • Practice open lines of communication and, when necessary, renegotiating needs

  • Are considerate of their caregivers' time and labor (emotional & physical)

There are no identity requirements to be a part of Their Kids. We welcome people of any gender identities and sexualities who embody our values.


Membership Features


Their Kids Job Board

A child care job board with gender inclusivity in mind. Whether you’re looking for a full-time caregiver, on-demand babysitters, or a fill-in due to your caregiver catching the dreaded stomach bug your kids brought into all of your lives, our job board accommodates all of your family’s childcare needs.

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As a Their Kids member, post your childcare positions directly to the job board for caregivers to browse and apply. Responses from gender inclusive caregivers will come straight to your Their Kids inbox! Depending on your membership level (Starter, Standard, Supporter), you have access to 1, 3, or unlimited job board posts each month. As a “Supporter” member, each of your job posts will be “featured” and pinned to the top of the job board.



Family Profile

Members create a profile including important and interesting info about their family. Utilize your profile to highlight what’s unique about your family and share what qualities you hope to have in a family-caregiver relationship. Profiles are an important feature that allow caregivers to get an initial sense of who you all are, your parenting vibe, and how they may fit into your home. They also are great for other families to read through, which may lead to supportive online and in-person friendships!

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Access Caregiver Profiles

When caregivers apply to your job postings, you’ll be able to read over their profiles alongside their applications. Prefer to search for caregivers in your area instead of posting to the job board? Great! Once you narrow down the caregivers you feel may be a good fit for your family, you may message them directly to introduce yourself and share a bit about your childcare needs.

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NYC Family Memberships


We are excited to offer three membership levels designed to fit your family’s needs!

Whether you’re searching for your first full-time caregiver, bringing in extra support during a chaotic bout of after-school activities, or need to build a roster of gender inclusive caregivers for your short notice childcare needs, Their Kids has got you covered.

Not sure which membership level will suit your family? No problem. Needs shift and we’re flexible — you can change your membership level at any time.

Diversity and accessibility matter greatly to us at Their Kids and we proudly offer sliding scale and scholarship opportunities. Please email Connor at con@theirkids.com for more information. 


Supporter Membership

$75 billed monthly

Membership at this level creates access for diverse families through our sliding scale and scholarship programs. We thank you for sponsoring your community members!

  • Family Profile 

  • Access to Caregiver Directory

  • Message with Caregivers

  • Unlimited job board posts

  • All job posts “featured” and pinned to the top



Standard Membership

$50 billed monthly

  • Family Profile 

  • Access to Caregiver Directory

  • Message with Caregivers

  • 3 job board posts per month



Starter Membership

$25 billed monthly

  • Family Profile

  • Access to Caregiver Directory

  • Message with Caregivers

  • 1 job board post per month