Our Values


It is vitally important for caregivers to be comfortable in their work homes and not feel the need to hide, tone down, or deny their queer, trans, and gender nonconforming identities, expressions, and presentations. Their Kids is here to support you in connecting you with families who will value – not tolerate – your whole self.

There are no identity requirements to be a member. Their Kids welcomes all 18+ queer, trans, gender nonconforming, and otherwise gender inclusive and conscious caregivers who exhibit enthusiasm and passion for working with children and families.


Membership Features


Their Kids Job Board

A child care job board with gender inclusivity in mind! Whether you’re looking for a full-time position, after-school gig, or just really love kids and would like to be someone a rad family can call upon to hang with and care for their kids from time to time, our job board is designed to accommodate all of your child care position needs and dreams. Caregiver members may browse the job board as often as desired and apply to any open positions. We’ve made things easy for you by adding a filter for searchable types of positions. We wish you luck in your hunt!

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Caregiver Profile

As a Their Kids member, you’ll be able to create a profile and fine tune it to illustrate your unique self! Utilize your profile to highlight your experience, education, and skillsets. Share what qualities you hope to have in a family-caregiver relationship as well as the types of positions that most interest you. Profiles are an important feature that allow families to get an initial sense of who you are, your babysitting vibe, and how you may fit in with their family.

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Access Family Profiles

When you come across a job posting that piques your interest, be sure to reference the family’s profile to get a vibe for who they are before applying. Family profiles provide details into the personalities of their children and what qualities the family seeks in a caregiver. You can access family profiles in two ways: through the Family Directory and by clicking on a family’s profile you see in a job board post.

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Caregiver Membership



  • Message with Families

  • Apply for open positions on the New York job board

  • Search family profiles

  • Be reviewed by families