family services

we are passionate about inviting families into the collective who:

  • understand the importance of queer, trans, and gender nonconforming visibility and empowerment
  • respect domestic work as a profession
  • practice open lines of communication and, when necessary, renegotiating needs 
  • are considerate of their caregivers' time and labor (emotional & physical)
  • are inclusive to all gender identities & expressions

there are no identity prerequisites as we welcome families with members of any gender identities and sexualities who exhibit the above qualities and values.

caregiver placement

their kids offers caregiver placement services for regularly scheduled part-time, full-time, live-in, summer, and temporary childcare positions. through a review of your family's application and an in-person meeting, we strive to understand your individualized childcare needs and match your family with their kids caregivers who will be an exceptional fit.


whether you're welcoming your first caregiver into your home and family, bringing in extra support, or transitioning to a new full-time caregiver, their kids is excited to place your family with a caregiver who will play with, nurture, and love your children — full time!

for full-time childcare positions, we encourage families to offer a combination of the following: paid vacation, sick days, healthcare stipend, and metro fare. their kids believes providing living wages and benefits decreases caregiver turnover and increases caregiver access to self-care practices.


looking for after-school, single day, weekend, or otherwise regularly scheduled, but less than full-time, childcare? apply now for our assistance in placing a part-time caregiver! not sure what your needs are but know you need support in the form of regularly scheduled childcare? their kids is happy to listen, walk with you through possible schedule formats, and assist in determining the type of care that may be best suited for your family.


need a caregiver while school is out? we will place your family with a qualified caregiver who is eager for summer activities and adventures with your children! do your children love splash pads and swimming pools, picnicking in parks, hiking Central Park's ramble, being crafty, learning to cook, trips to the library, acting out their favorite movie scenes, indoor playgrounds, climbing gyms, trips to Coney Island, or checking out new museum exhibits? we will tailor caregiver candidates to the activities your children and family enjoy during the summer months for the most optimal summer fun!  


is your current caregiver taking an extended leave of absence? do you need extra support in your home due to increased work responsibilities, an addition to the family, illness, or needing to be in two different places at once this season for your children's after-school activities? their kids will place your family with a temporary caregiver according to your needs.


offering live-in accommodations as part of your caregiver position? we will place caregivers in live-in positions that include separate living accommodations (their own private bedroom) in addition to a wage at or above the minimum wage.

on-demand care

on-demand childcare for when your family needs a caregiver for a night out or you need a few hours for yourself to grab coffee with a friend, take a shower/nap, go to a yoga class, doctor's appointment, meeting, or grocery shopping without your children (what a luxury!), or when your regular caregiver is sick or taking a vacation, their kids is here to book your family with an experienced caregiver!

simply request a caregiver through our on-demand booking form here and we will do our best to fill your request, even on short notice!

families pay caregivers directly at the end of each care booking at the caregiver's predetermined hourly rate.

caregiver screening

prospective caregivers are vetted carefully through a 5-step process: 

1) online application

2) preliminary phone interview

3) in-person interview

4) reference checks from 3 references

5) thorough background check

we invite a select few of caregiver applicants into the collective and perform regular check-ins with families on caregiver performance in order to provide your family with quality and reliable care.