caregiver services

their kids believes it is important for caregivers to be comfortable in their work homes and not feel the need to hide, tone down, or deny their queer, trans, and/or gender nonconforming identities, expressions, and presentations. we are here to support you in finding a family who will value – not tolerate – your whole self.

their kids welcomes all 18+ queer, trans, gender nonconforming, and otherwise gender inclusive & conscious caregivers who have previous childcare experience to apply to become a their kids caregiver.

we are eager to welcome candidates into the collective who exhibit enthusiasm and passion in working with children and families, regard care work as professional, and are competent, confident, and compassionate caregivers. qualities we look for in caregivers include: attentive, engaging, patient, loving, reliable, flexible, communicative, responsible, proactive, professional, and personable. 

all of our services for caregivers are free of charge. we do not require a membership fee for caregivers and we will never collect a percentage of caregiver earnings. it is our pleasure to place you in caregiving positions that will be respectful, supportive, and fun! 

permanent placement

for caregivers seeking a full-time or part-time childcare position, their kids assists with placing qualified caregivers with a family well suited for their scheduling needs and child rearing styles. whether you are looking to make a full-time, multi-year commitment or just want to spend your summer adventuring and soaking up sunshine with a cute kid or two (or three!), their kids is invested in placing you with a family who will appreciate your time, energy, and love for their children. 

on-demand childcare

designed for experienced caregivers who enjoy spending time with children and working with new and familiar families on an as-needed basis. when families submit a collective-care booking request, we book them with an available their kids caregiver, which could be you!

are you a student who needs flexible income? are you a full-time caregiver with a work family who's taking a vacation and would like to pick up some extra care work while they're away? do you work in a stressful environment and want some baby therapy on your time off? apply today to become a collective-care caregiver and spend some of your time with silly, funny, sweet, cuddly, and, sometimes, precocious (our personal favorite) kids!

we do not require a minimum number of bookings or commitment of any sort to be accepted into the collective and invite you to make your own schedule based on needs and capacity.